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David Loehr's Fan Weekend Banquet, 2001

Dean fans are generally a pretty casual group, but we clean up rather well for the annual banquet at the Fan Weekend. Writer David Dalton, author of James Dean the Mutant King gave the main speach this year. My camera wouldn't reach the podium, so enjoy the rest of the pictures taken at the elegant Hostess House in Marion, Indiana. I'll give you my brief notes on Mr. Dalton's engaging speech.

David, Pam, Rufus
Guest speakers David Dalton and Pamela DesBarres with musician Rufus Wainwright

David Loehr
Our host, David Loehr of the James Dean Memorial Gallery in Fairmount, Indiana.

Linda LaVine
Fan Linda LaVine from South Bend, Indiana played piano in the cocktail lounge before dinner. Linda has a degree in music and has played since she was four years old. She knows more about roots rock and roll than anyone I've met. She's no slacker about Jimmy, either. Linda adds a lot of fun to our gatherings.
Mary Ann and Bill in Santa Fe
Marry Ann and Bill
Newly married, cinematographer and artist Mary Ann (Michna) and Dr. William Berry. They wed in Santa Fe, New Mexico on May 30, 2001. You couldn't find two nicer people. Mary Ann is going to commute to her job in Indianapolis, but not from Santa Fe. Best wishes for a long and creative marriage, Mary Ann and Bill.

at banquet Adam, Sue and Saleh David Dalton and Mark Kinnaman Pamela DesBarres Phil Ziegler Rufus Wainwright bartender Heath at the door flowers     Because nobody felt like these flowers looked, they decided to do the Night Walk in Fairmount after the banquet. This is documented from previous years, because I couldn't go on the walk. See the Night Walk in Deaners at the 1999 nightwalk,
the 1998 nightwalkwalk and at
the 1997 nightwalk when I didn't even have a digital camera, but I wrote more copy. In 2000, I couldn't go on the walk because my ride left early. What will 2001 bring, this September 30th?

You will notice many original shirts on the men. These are designer shirts by Lenny, available from Daddyo's, the enterprise of Bob and Christy Pulley Berry. Musicians and fans love these 50s-style shirts.

Several fans were missing without an excused absence.... We missed Aleta Vertuno from Illinois, Connie from Fairmount, Bob Rees from Texas and his cohorts from Chicago, Heidi Goodpaster and many others. Yet we had a good mix of newcomers and seasoned fans. This is the first year that everyone who had made a reservation for the banquet showed up. David didn't have to pay for, and take home twelve extra dinners. Good news.

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