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Anthony Michael Hall and the new James Dean movie

\ \ This section has three divisions:
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  1. Anthony Michael Hall in Fairmount (you are here)\
  2. James Dean American Legend, narrated by Anthony Michael Hall, on this page\
  3. Anthony Michael Hall at the James Dean Run car show on a separate page\

\ \ I've tried to get each of my pictures posted of the fans with Anthony Michael Hall, who narrates the fine new video, James Dean, American Legend. There's a link below to send you to the movie's website.

\ \ Anthony Michael Hall and fans

\ \ Anthony Michael Hall in person, all weekend, always cheerful and accomodating, breaking every stereotype of the Hollywood star. Perfection in manners, temperament and taste in movie stars to admire. Thank you, Mr. Hall, for coming to Fairmount, and for narrating the new movie, James Dean American Legend.

\ \

Anthony Michael Hall in Fairmount

\ \ amh and Adam Pelletier
\ Adam Pelletier from Illinois met a star and won half the rock lasso contest to boot.

\ \ amh and Heath Schactele
\ With Heath Schactele of Michigan.

\ \ fan 4

\ \ \ fan3

\ \ fan5

\ \ fan2

\ \ fan7

\ \ Steve
\ Steve Hedrick was in saved by the bell, hawaiian style and did three episodes of saved by the bell the new class. He works part-time on Third Rock From The Sun. His email address is stevehedrick@prodigy.net

\ \ \ \

James Dean American Legend

\ \ Marcus Winslow recently discovered James Dean's diaries. This movie is based on those diaries. Here are photos of some of the main people involved in the production. I don't know their names 'though. You have already seen the narrator, Anthony Michael Hall.

\ with Phil Jones
\ On the right is Phil Jones of CBS news. He learned about the movie along with the rest of us.

\ \ 3

\ \ 1

\ \ 4

\ \ To read more about James Dean American Legend, please visit the website for it. But come back here, please, and bookmark this page so you can find it easily! You can buy it from David Loehr at the James Dean Memorial Gallery or from the video's website.

\ \ On the next page,\ Mike signs his movie at the 2000 James Dean Run

\ \ baby and bill
\ Our granddaughter is getting an Anthony Michael Hall personally autographed video copy of James Dean American Legend for her first birthday. Start them young!

\ \ Up this page goes, so you won't think I've lost my film. The pages will be a bit slower this year, since our granddaughter takes a lot of our time now, so keep checking back. The next page I plan to do is David Loehr's open house with the Blue Moon Boys. For now, keep the memories alive.

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