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This and That at the Fairmount Fan Gathering, 1999

charcoal Jimmy

Kenneth Kendall's portrait of Jimmy reminds me of the summer days he spent on the family farm. This is my favorite Kendall picture for the summer. What's yours?

R.J. and Hazel Mott      R.J. and Hazel Mott came from Austin, TX. We had a lot of catching up to do since last year. These are the twosome who were loyal Dean fans yet didn't find that out about each other until after they were married. Did you notice that the Texas visitors didn't mind our heat so much? I hope they met Brad and Lady who have bought the diner downtown. They have a lot in common.

There didn't seem to be as many tattoos this year, but then I wasn't there as many hours. Here, courtesy of Erika, are her own three:
new tat    A new tat on her back.

flower tat      On her arm.

erica moons us      On her other arm.

Brad's shirt      Brad Reynolds looked great in his rockabilly clothes and a new haircut by the master hairmeister, Clint of Fountain Square!

Steve Vodde     When I told Steve Vodde he had to smile, he really smiled. Here he is about to take the preliminary test for the trivia contest. Sometimes Steve can channel James Dean. He noticed an aura near the big screen TV when we watched "Something for an Empty Briefcase."

Jim and Jamie      There are several two-generation sets of Dean fans. Here are Jim and Jamie DeWeese from Columbia, Tennessee. Jim was a sportscaster for at least two Nashville sports teams, after he retired from the Marine Corps. Jim and his wife work at Columbia hospital, while Jamie is at the Saturn plant. Their Dean collection is awesome! Hope they can come back in September. I hope all the July fans can return September 23-26th.

Marcus Cat

Marcus     Here's something some of you may not have known. James Dean had a new kitten before he died. He called him Marcus. On the fatal weekend, he gave Marcus with a friend, Jeanette Mille, with formula instructions and a note to take the cat to a certain Veterinarian. The note he wrote didn't photograph too well. If any of you can make it more legible, please do.

formula       The formula is quite complicated. He had to trust Jeanette a lot to leave the cat with her.

Card for Marcus exhibit
And here is the card with the picture and the formula, in the Kenneth Kendall room of the James Dean Memorial Gallery.

Pamela DesBarres    It's always cheering to see author Pamela DesBarres smilin' through... through the heat, on Friday. Well, July is supposed to be hot in Indiana, otherwise our corn and soybeans languish. It wasn't unbearable. Everyone had fresh news to share, new shirts to buy and flowers for the gravesite. The July weekend would be a terrible thing to miss. But then again, we all miss it when it's over.

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There will be a James Dean Ride each year, the second Sunday in July, starting from the truckstop in Warren Indiana, at Highway 5 and I-69. There is a breakfast around 8 a.m. and the ride commences to Fairmount at 9:30 a.m. So if you have a motorcycle, you are invited, wherever you live. No ride? Come in a car! RAIN DATE will be the third Sunday in July.

The PageWatch service that notified you of updates is no longer working for me. I think they want a lot of money. I am sorry to lose this service.

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