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1998 James Dean Memorial Service
Flower Photos

Here are photographs I took over the whole weekend and at the Memorial Service.

lasso     Who makes this themed wreath every year? The last few years were racing-themed wreaths, and this years is a lasso.

the Thousand Cranes
Naomi Yamada's Thousand Crane tribute shows up well here. Naomi had to leave town before the Memorial Service this year, but she left the Thousand Cranes for this day.

This blue box appears each year too. Probably the "old-timers," people who have been here every year since 1980, know who makes this tribute.

flags on grave

Ashley's tree
Ashley made this tree, a replica of the topiary on the cover of "The Little Prince" by Antoine de St. Exupery, a book Jimmy had a real passion for.

I'll add more flower pictures as I edit them.

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Fans at brunch in Back Creek Friends Meeting fellowship hall.
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