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1999 James Dean Memorial Service
Brunch Photos

Martha Howell

Martha Howell and Phil Ziegler are both members of Back Creek Friends Meeting and therefore we are their guests at the memorial service. Esther Huffman, on page one, is the pastor's wife, while Patsy Vetor is another member of Back Creek. (I may not have these terms quite right.)

4 friends
Although I did not meet these fans, the man on the right is from Germany.

Ben    Ben came in his van. We all wanted him to stay longer, but he said he had to go. I didn't get to visit with him, but people said he is touring the country this year.

Heath, Magdalin, Kurt
Heath Schacktele from Michigan, Magdalin Leonardo of New York and Kurt Whirl of Orlando spend a bittersweet moment before the whole weekend and service are over. No one ever wants to leave Fairmount.

Laura Pardini    It was wonderful to have Laura, Marcel and Heidi back with us. Read about Laura's book on James Dean, Kissed By An Angel, here in Deaners. It's available in English now!

at brunch    Tom and Aleta

Karen from Ohio    Steven and Cindy
Karen from Ohio, Steve and Cindy.

Donovan and Maxine
Donovan Wilson and Maxine Rowland

Mark Kinnaman and Gary Bryant
Mark Kinnaman and Gary Bryant.

Peter interviews Dizzy
Peter interviews Dizzy Sheriday. Her book Dizzy and Dean will be published in October 2000 by Regan books, a division of HarperCollins.

Marcus and Mary Lou Winslow
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Winslow

Dizzy and Cleve Porter
Liz talks with Cleve Porter

sheet with face    Who made this lovely, ghostly sheet with Jimmy's face on it? It was hung as a window curtain during the service. It was subtle and etherial.

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