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Afterhours Carrying On


Josie, Big Sandy and kangaroo

Things were getting slightly wild when Josie Kreuzer became alarmed at the antics. Fortunately, Big Sandy served as an admirable bodyguard. Both stars were "just folks" off-stage, to our constant delight. They helped make this weekender absolutely unforgettable.

More on Josie on this site.


kangaroo and friends

You know how modest rockabillies are; someone objected to the nude kangaroo and tried to dress it.


kang in elevator



One of the Detroit partygoers realized "Wow, I coulda hadda V-8!" His tee shirt proclaims "There's no life like the low life." Not a Miller Beer tee shirt, I guess. This faithful fan has never missed a Rockabilly Rebel Weekend.


Swing Book
Lauri's dancing partner holds a book Del Villarreal bought, Swing, the New Retro Renaissance, available from Hepcat Records. Del says this book is a must for all of us. It's listed under magazines in the Hepcat catalog, code VS3 at $18.00....


Port Cochere

There was a mix-up about our party room, so we went into the parking lot, cranked up the CD player on this cool 1970 caddy ragtop and danced away our cares. The CDs are a collection of maybe ten disks called "That'll Get It" available from Hepcat Records.

Remember, I'm posting these pictures without captions, mostly, due to popular demand. It may take me a year to get everything annotated. This car owner, shown seated on the car, hails from Atlanta and is identified as Adrien Evans, rated an absolute doll by Tracey Gray of Windsor, Ontario, Canada!


Good Costume

One late-comer to the party dressed in a nice costume. Or was it?


Friday dawn

Dawn crept up on us on Friday morning. Here is the view from a balcony at the Holiday Inn Southeast (in Beech Grove, Indiana.) *

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