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What's Going On Here?

Mike Nelson has sent us some kustoms! Contents: four great car pics and a funny story.
There is a report of a tragedy in Indiana too.

Mike Nelson Made Cholame

Mike Nelson,, owner of one of the cars shown below, is a terrific writer and should have his own page. He is making these pics from his 35mm slides of the James Dean Run and other runs to Cholame, California and environs. I have to quote him, 'cause I don't have the vocabulary to do the pictures justice.

Red red red car
Mike writes: "This guy liked BRITE... an' kinda radical......but made it work 'cause it was so simple......Also it had a million perfect white pleats." Awwwww, I have no idea what he means. But the car is buff!

blue Mercury auto
In Mike's words: "These are the kind that really tweak me the most...frenched, midnite blue, chopped, dropped, and skinned...... ...They're nice sittin' there....but to come across one out on a Southern coastal foothill road...You'd just have to pull over smash yourself in the face a few times to keep going."

black Merc
Here is one of the 1980 Cholame Run Mercs.

Mike's car
Here is Mike's own car at Cholame in 1980. He enclosed an account of the weekend for us. Now read Mike's rockin' account of this run, on its own page. It will link back here.

Jeff was only Point one one

Audie Pitre, another friend of the family killed by a drinking driver, is detailed on my Acid Bath band page.

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