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New:Historic Apron Show at the Creative Arts Council New: Wells County Creative Arts Council's Lamp Decorating Contest, 2002
and their chair decorating contest, 2001
1-1-2003 Bluffton Polar Bear Dip! Plunging into the New Year at the old Psi Ote ice-covered pond! An Ellenberger Auction!
Divine Luncheon of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood New Harmony, Indiana, a must-visit town Flushed With Pride  Our new sewage plant open house and spectacular Christmas lights display.
The annual James Dean car show Wells County Creative Arts Council's Chair Decorating Contest, 2001 WOW!! Indiana's Historic Radio Museum
including the novelty radios and accessories there
Ed Lepold's Pearls and Gold Dust kustom Merc and
Ginny and Alfred Gregory's Mercillac, The Crisco Kid or Praise the Lowered
Humane Society woes, Friends of the Shelter triumph! Toast & Jam coffeehouse

At The Dash-In Cafe

Gene Stratton-Porter's Limberlost Swamp and Geneva, Indiana Fairmount, Indiana City/County basketball fund-raiser game
In two parts:
About Bluffton, Indiana
and how we all taught each other how to use the Internet
Suzanne Miller's Remarkable Salad Fine Dining at the RittenHouse but do try to avoid my
(mostly old) Bluffton Notices
Bill Weinhardt's
many Ham Radio columns

and the Wells County Amateur Radio Club
and our 1999 Ham Radio Field Day
The Dutch Mill Fire with Bud Deihl's photos

Our Bummies1950s drive-in

Arnold's Drive-In

A poem by Phil Ziegler on the great 1950s.

Bluffton High School Alumni Southern Wells Alumni Lancaster Central and
Norwell alumni
Melinda Gerber obituary Herman Zepps The Bohemian Bean coffeeshop-cafe, in Bluffton

Murray Indiana; it's da bomb!
Updates on Lydia Murray Boys and Girls Club
Winchester Gun Show by Dale Krinn
Druelinger family reunion Life in a small German city Ancient local news that still draws email. Needs updating.

Comments on Nostalgia pages

The city pages and the nostalgia pages have joined forces in Nostalgia, an e-magazine here. After all, living in small towns is nostalgic, for we have the life that all the city folk fondly remember. You can learn a great deal about Bluffton or see drive-in restaurants and car shows. Visit an auction or see a huge Winchester gun collection. Take side trips to James Dean's Fairmount Indiana, Gene Stratton-Porter's Geneva Indiana or the Indiana Historical Radio Museum. Enjoy.
**********************LINKS OUT*************************
After you read all my pages, visit the Official Bluffton Indiana website.
For more small town atmosphere, visit Fairmount Indiana, boyhood home of James Dean, or find out about Gene Stratton-Porter and her Limberlost Swamp, in Adams County. Also see the new pages on the Indiana Historic Radio Museum in Ligonier, Indiana.

Arnold's 50s Drive-In Restaurant in Decatur, Indiana rocks and rolls! Arnold's Drive-In raised $1,800 for Lydia Murray's liver transplant! This is a darling restaurant with perky people, inside and outside dining and a most unusual neon sign. There is a new 70-seat 1960s room in the back of the restaurant now.
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Wow, this is unique. A never-to-be-repeated benefit, a show of the most complete Winchester collection ever, along with Dale Krinn's Civil War and Native American memorabilia. Did you know they used to use a buffalo bladder for a canteen? Worked very well. Live and learn, at Our Tentative Times journey through Dale Krinn's Gun Show.

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