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The Flushed With Pride Truck Page

Further photos of the grand opening photos of Bluffton, Indiana's New Sewage Treatment Facility

big truck   This big boy can flush out the sewers or suck up the debris in the catch basins around town. Each of the four tanks holds 250 gallons of water. They sure take good care of this.

green truck   It always lightens our hearts to see this vehicle sparkling in the sunlight.

Phil Hoover   Phil Hoover explained the big generator on wheels. It can power the newest pumping station when needed. These plugs all go on in sequence and the whole concept was over my head. There is a second generator on station.

the camera truck   Here's the magic cam, a panel truck with cameras on wheels. I am not making this up. Say your sewer is blocked somewhere. The men put the camera down the sewer and send it along until it finds the blockage. Then it shows right up on the monitor (shown below) in the truck. Then the big red truck can come in to blast the block out, or maybe they cut out roots, or they may have to dig up the block and fix a collapsed pipe. Kind of like cardiology, but on a larger scale.

monitor section of truck   This is the control area in the creeping-cam truck.

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