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Help for Internet Newcomers

Notes For Newbies

Welcome to the World Wide Web, newcomers, (newbies.) It's a jungle out there. Let me throw you a few vines, er, lines.

Trust Me

If an email comes back to you, recheck the address. If some fool has gone and moved without sending you a notice, let them find you after they have a new address. Otherwise, try sending it again. Wait a day, try again and then give up.

Error messages: These are not meant as a personal insult. They usually come from a burp in the telephone lines. Every so often a packet goes astray. If you get a "404 - file not found", do some of these things:

Making Your Own Webpage

Webmonkey Webmonkey will answer most of your questions about the latest of developments, as well as basics. For a fine program to get you creating, use Arachnophelia, a Careware program that's free, but you have to do some good deeds. It's the brainchild of Paul Lutus. Sorry, but I can't answer questions about pagemaking. Too, too busy here.

I hope the Internet is more fun than frustration for you. Thanks for finding Our Tentative Times. If you have a newbie frustration please send it to

You are encouraged to bookmark this page.
You are encouraged to bookmark this page.
You are encouraged to bookmark this page.

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