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The James Dean
1997 Memorial Service

Naomi and 1000 Cranes  24KB

Naomi Yamada, our favorite flower from Osaka, with her 1000 cranes. In the background are Greg and Phil and part of Kenneth Kendall and Bill Lane.

Tom Fagan 18KB

Tom Fagan in the famous red jacket wrote this memorial service up for Newsweek a few years back. Cool! Also identifiable are David Loehr and, behind David, Tom Hopgood, a professor of American mores in Kentucky. He's writing about fans. Golly, we're just people like your neighbors, only nicer, I betcha.

Arnold S 19KB Arnold recited a beautiful poem. We made him do it again. In background Kenneth Kendall in black and Curt Whirl, IU student, wearing a necktie.

Arnold's jacket

Arnold had an unusual, airbrushed James Dean jacket that we all admired. He had it made for him in New Jersey. The artist worked from a photograph Arnold admires. Thanks to Magdalin Leonardo for that help.

Nikky Bazooka  20KB

Here Nikky Bazooka holds aloft a large yellow rose representing our love for Adeline Nall. He placed this flower on Jimmy's gravesite. In background I can name Bob Burghuis from MI, Bob Pulley in senior cords, Sue Pelletier from IL, and Heidi Goodpaster in the brown sweater. Oh, and Bill Lane's California shades. And Magdalin identified Ana from Long Island on the far right.

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