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Artwork by you,
the fans!

May 12, 2011, new poem by Mary Jeannette Sochacki from England

Death of a Legend

On that 5:30pm evening,
while the sun was making its way down the sky,
a small grey car appeared
driving its life fast through Cholame.

His tires glided down the long highway,
the pedal feeling the floor board.
If you saw the vehicle from afar,
then you must have been hallucinating.

It was on its way to glory and fame.
His soul a rebel, but kind.
But that didn't matter to the Ford coming its way,
his stronger built interior more defined.

The grey Spyder went flying,
sprawling out onto the dead grass along the road.
His body was crunched and ruined,
while his enemy was barely bruised.

The small grey car lay silent,
as the sun chased the horizon.
It was on that Highway 41
where both our dreams faded.

(by Mary Jeannette Sochacki, age 16, 2011. All rights reserved.)

Dean Collage, 29KB

Image copyright 1997 by Marina Savic

Here's a great  collage by Marina Savic of Michigan. Maybe she will sell prints of this work.
Her email address is savicm@mac.com

While searching for graphics, I discovered that Marina has an international symbol named after her. Whenever you see this sign marina symbol think of Marina Savic, shivering up there in Michigan. Happy sails to you, Marina.

Dean in the rain

Thanks to Robert O'Rourke (email rorhh@shadrach.com ) who wrote in April 2000, "I just recently completed this portrait of James Dean 'Actor in the Rain'. This print will be on display next month (April 2000) at the Fairmount Historical Society in Fairmount,Indiana as well."
Robert was kind enough to share it with us here. Thank you, Mr. O'Rourke, and we will all visit your website at http://www.worldwidegaragesales.com/rororiginals

Dean sketch

July 1999. Here's a new sketch of James Dean by fan Stacey Kernaghan who will be happy to sell you a print of it. Contact Stacey at wicklow@primus.com.au

Wow, that's in Australia! Please welcome Stacey into the Deaner family!

Dean in Blue
Image copyright 1996 by R Reever.

This is one of my favorites at the James Dean Memorial Gallery, because it is so different. It captures a side of Dean we seldom saw. Artist is R. Reever.

Dean Sketch     Here's a bonus picture, sent in by Brown Eyed Girl, from Hawaii. It's copyright. Y'all can send me your artwork too. I'll post it if I can. Thanks.


Ummm, photography is art, and Alex, email JamesDean5@aol.com is a major James Dean fan. When you see Alex Bernico from Chicago, talk Dean with him. His Dean web site will be on-line really soon.

Evil Dean??
Image copyright 1996 by Robert Richards

The only representation of Dean as an evil character.... Artist is Robert Richards who did the logo for the beautiful James Dean Memorial Gallery.

by Gary King
Image copyright 1996 by Gary King

Bob Rees sent us this for the fan art site. Here is Gary King's thoughtful James. Thanks, Bob and Gary, for adding to the beauty in the world.

Here are more pages of fan art, by Neil Douglas

Here's the whole huge Deaners magazine index.

Mark Kinnaman's logo
Image copyright 1996 by
Mark K. Kinnaman of Fairmount, Indiana

by Mark Kinnaman Image copyright 1996 by Mark K. Kinnaman

by Mark Kinnaman
Image copyright 1996 by Mark K Kinnaman

Mark Kinnaman spoke at the '97 Memorial Service. He was the fan who had been stationed all over the world and found Dean fans in every spot he landed.

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