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The 1997 James Dean Festival
Page Two

Joyce Minnick

Hey, Joyce Minnick! Show this one to your daughter. She'd better believe you now. Thanks for the pose, kid. Ya lookin' cool.

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The 1997 James Dean September Festival in Fairmount, page two

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The James Dean Run (Car Show)

Mercurys and More

You will read more about Mercurys than you ever thought you wanted to know, by November, when ALL the photos of this great car show are scanned in. They start on the James Dean Run page.

Looks Like a Lookalike Contest

Kind people have promised to send me photos for this event. I was way up in the bleachers. Coming to a monitor very near you, (as soon as you click on it,) the picture link Lookalike and Dance Contests of 1997. There were 21 contestants this year, all great, and all good sports. Partisanship ran high in the crowd. At the end, the three finalists endured audience cheering which decided the winner.

This year's winner is Rob Quall of LaPorte, Indiana. He had been noticeable before the contest, but I was worried because he never smiled. (Though smiling is not the main thing Dean is noted for, in the mystique.) After he won he was able to show us his great smile. Congratulations, Rob, we'll see you next year.


The yellow jackets (wasps) were out in force this perfect autumn Indiana weekend. Indiana may be the yellowjacket capitol of the world. If you are allergic, be sure to carry your injection kit. The "nearest" emergency room is not near. There is a good EMT set-up though, if the ambulance can get through the crowd in time. Take the wasps seriously if you are allergic. I've never been stung in all these years, so they aren't looking for trouble.

James Dean: Race With Destiny

James Dean: Race With Destiny, at last. This movie is finally out. It premiered on the Festival weekend, but at the Eagles in Wabash, Indiana. That was the closest theatre available. Please visit the Race With Destiny Wabash Premiere Page.
My thanks to Nancy Jacoby and Trula Frank for much relevant information.

Other Activities

Lots of bands played during the weekend. (Details to be added soon.) There was a bike tour. A huge parade. A walking tour long after the Memorial Service. The Fussgangers Volksmarch 10K walk. Garfield's Sixth Great Race. Rock Lasso contest. Children's events (pet parade, tractor pull and more.) Gospel. Baseball. Parade of Neon. Garage sales. Fundraiser breakfasts and food stands. This is an extraordinary effort for so small a town.
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A Huge Happy Crowd

This year the potty situation was enormously improved. It will never be ideal, anywhere, I guess, but friends reported that the chemical toilets were serviced at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, and they were left in perfect condition at that time. As the day wore on, they saw heavy use. On Saturday night I checked every one of them at the car show and found quite a few that you could stand to use. I wish I knew two things:
  • Why do people dump all their beer and pop cans, and their trash, into the chemical potties?
  • What are these facilities like at elegant venues? At places where the symphonies play outdoors? At places where high society holds outdoor weddings? Do they know something we don't know in rural Indiana?

Barely begun. Check out Our billions and billions (at least) of 1997 Fairmount Museum Days festivities photos.

We've seen blue skies,
through the tears in our eyes,
and we realize...
we're coming home.
Lyrics from Rocky Horror Picture Show
James Dean Jacket

The fabulous Rebel Without a Cause jacket is one of many works by artist James Byron Dean (his legal name) whom you can contatct at 10 Surrey Lane, Lewiston, Maine, 04240-5252. The phone number there is (207) 748-5251.

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