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The Saturday Night Banquet and Dance

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David, Adam, Magdalin, Bob
Our host, David Loehr, with Adam Pelletier of Illinois, Magdalin Leonardo from New York and Bob Rees from Texas.
the Sholtes
Joe Schulte and his wife Carol, of Fairfield Glade TN. Joe spoke at the banquet, relating his memories of 20 years in WRDI and presenting Lenny with a delightful home movie he had made in 1956. Read More about this movie, below.

adam, lyndon, sue, mark

Adam Pelletier, Lyndon Biegas and Mark Royse all enjoyed the food, the speeches and the fellowship at the banquet. And then....

Laura Pardini
Laura Pardini won this tee shirt for being the fan who came the longest distance for this event. Laura is from Uruguay. She is the author of the first book about James Dean written by a woman! Laura, Bob Reese and Jim Courtney (author of James Dean, Back Creek Boy) all signed their books at autograph parties over the weekend. And then....

Big Bopper and assistant

And then there was dancing. Everybody danced with everybody. This whole evening struck me as an ideal high-school alumni reunion. Everyone visited with everyone else as if they had always known them, and we all know people in common.

Pictured above are our D.J., The Big Bopper, and his assistant, Marcie. You know him, you know. He M.C.s the Lookalike contest in September. Last year he made a great slide show for the contest and he has written original music about James Dean. His "real" name is Fred Stephenson of (F/M for Fred and Marcie....) F/M. Mobile D.J. Service based in Marion, IN. Phone is (area code 765) - 668-7123. Contact The Big Bopper whenever you need a D.J.-M.C. for your event or party. He does all sorts of music, not just our Dean 1950s.

Aleta and Kurt

Aleta Vertuno and Kurt Whirl whirled and tripped the light fantastic.

twistin' USA
Not one of us had a bad back the next day.
Phil and Rose
Phil had about the most fun of anyone. Here he is dancing with Rose Roback from Chicago.

Austin couple
Mark Kinnaman entertains the couple from Austin, identified by Bob Rees as Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Mott. (Thanks, Bob.) They were married before each knew the other was a rabid James Dean fan (if I got this story right, secondhand.) They had always wanted to come to Fairmount, but this was the first chance they had. Some people can't get away in September. This Fan Appreciation event was a good idea, David!
Mark Kinnaman
Note Mark Kinnaman's necktie. Mark has a website, in case you are interested in his original James Dean art or other 1950s nostalgia.

More guests

Here are Jim Courtney from Michigan and Linda Levine from South Bend, Indiana. She works in a steel mill, which is really unusual because most of them have gone under, in Indiana.
Jim is the author of a marvellous book about James Dean, "James Dean, Back Creek Boy," available from the Gallery. It will make you cry.

We had people from California, Connecticut, Illinois (three sets), around Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York. Ohio, Texas (3 sets), Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom and Uruguay, plus more I can't recall or didn't meet. Send me names and places if you want to.

Joe Schulte's RWAC

The time was 1956. Joe Schulte and his brothers actually remade Rebel Without A Cause! They acted the parts and spoke the lines, dubbed in the musical sound track somehow and did a darned good job of it. The video Joe made of this historic film lasted 20 minutes, even including the actual Griffith Observatory! Otto saw it three times on Sunday. When you come to the James Dean Gallery, ask to view this Schulte production, and maybe Joe can make a copy for you, if you know him. Remember, he has been a member of WRDI since it was founded. Thanks, Joe, for bringing your movie to Fairmount! Joe can be reached at 134 Delbridge Lane, Fairfield Glade, TN 38558-8815.

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