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The Bel Airs played for the Friday Night Dance, James Dean Fan Appreciation Week 1998

The Bel Airs

Did you know this band is from Fort Wayne, Indiana? You can contact them through bandleader Tim Andersen, email

Here are Jake on the left, Brad in back at the drums, Tim and on bass, his brother Joe Bel Air. Drummer Brad, in the back, is hard to photograph, yet he is ever so handsome. Once I caught him off the bandstand.

This band has a large, devoted following. They say they don't want to leave the Fort Wayne area to become famous. I wish that would happen though. I wish they could tour, so the rest of the world could appreciate them the way we do locally.

Never has a band enjoyed its work any more that these musicians do.

Tim plays

Jake and Tim

Since Otto has several other pages on the Bel Airs, there was an agenda tonight. Otto needed great pictures of Tim Bel Air, the bandleader. Somehow he always closes his eyes or stops smiling when the camera flashes. So this night is historic, because you are going to see not only Tim's eyes, but his dimples too.

Joe Bel Air

Tim's brother Joe Bel Air has never been blue in his life. This is your only chance to see a blue Joe. Joe's got hitched on August 8th, to the beautiful Charlene. Why not buy one of Joe's hand-painted silk ties (Western, pin-up or custom) to help them set up housekeeping? See necktie details on Mark Kinnaman's site.

Joe on bass

Another camera surprise: the shadow gives Joe a righteous Rockabilly pompadour. Look out, Carl Schreiber, there is a contender for Best Hair.

Jake in hat

Jake glows

Jake and his Hat. The only bigger hats than this were some that the Blue Moon Boys fooled around in, the huge kind you win at fairs. This is an awesome hat. It must require a lot of upkeep. It's like a picture frame for Jake's face. Oh, and he plays and sings really well.

Tim smiles too

Joe smiles

I can't begin to imagine the sibling rivalry in this family. There are even more brothers. We met Mike, I think, at the AmVets dance. The clear winner in the shirt department tonight was Tim, in a designer original shirt from Lenny Prussack's Rebel Rebel store in the lower level of the James Dean Memorial Gallery. Contact Lenny for your own special shirt, via David Loehr's email,

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