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Brunch at Back Creek Friends Church

Terry in kitchen

Who knew? Did you know that Terry McGinn not only cooks like a dream but sings like one too? Terry sang solos and played the piano as part of the church service Sunday morning. We burst into applause in church, no doubt a social gaffe, but we meant it.
Here is Terry in the new kitchen in the beautiful new addition to Back Creek Friends Church.

What Terry Served
fresh fruit
cheese eggs and ham

Yes, we had various freshly baked muffins, fresh strawberries and blueberries with cream, an unforgettable baked egg casserole with cheese, ham, milk and bread in it, coffee and all sorts of unusual fruit juices. I can't remember how long we all stayed, but it was well past noon. One of the congregation we enjoyed meeting was Mrs. Carter whose husband owned Carter's Motorcycle Shop. She is a good friend to Laura Pardini.

James Dean Fans At Brunch

fans at brunch

fans at brunch

fans at brunch

Maybe later I will give you the names of everyone in these photos. If I stop to work it all out now, you will never see these pages. Trust me, I get every name wrong at least once.

Mattie Sellers

This is "our" Mattie Sellers who plays for the memorial service, as well as for regular services. Mattie is the successor to Ortense Winslow, as organist. The singing sounded particularly rich with Mattie's organ music and the piano too. We were treated to a solo by the young people from the Sunday School. We finally remembered that we shouldn't applaud in church, but we'd like to thank them here.

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