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Brunch at Back Creek Friends Church

Window Dedications
Winslow window
Kirkpatrick Window
James Dean plaque

Here is one of the views from the fellowship room window dedicated in James Dean's memory:


Another view from another side of this room shows a small cemetery:

view out window

One of the fans thought that the church part itself should also have its windows looking out on this beauty. Those windows are not transparent. I guess there is a reason why we shouldn't see outside in that area area, probably so we will concentrate. You wouldn't want to be staring out the window thinking your car needs washed or needs an oil change.

Informative plaque

Here is the plaque that tells about the people in the chuch today. I mean it isn't an historical plaque, but the next picture is historical.

cross-cultural communication

Maybe there is a story to go with this picture of Native Americans entering a Friends Meeting. I am struck by how calm everyone looks in this picture. That sort of calm is one of the reasons the Friends pulled me through a rough childhood, even though I didn't know any Quakers except from books.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that we fans have helped this church with our contributions made at the Memorial Service each September 30th. Read a great deal more about Back Creek Friends Church on other pages in Our Tentative Times.

old picture of church

This preserved photo shows how the current church will look when it is restored. That little front entry has been removed. The rear three windows shown here are preserved, and the frontmost one is now part of the new entry, I think. So the new building has sort of a U shape.

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