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Fans Weekend at the James Dean Memorial Gallery

Father and daughter*son and mother

The Tokunaga family came from Detroit where he works for Mazda. Mrs. Tokunaga is a complete James Dean fan. With a wiggly baby, this picture of four people was impossible. So here are two and two.

Mrs. Tokunaga      But I really like this photo of Mrs. Tokunaga that she didn't like so well.

Laura and Kelly

Aha! Laura Pardini is bitten by the Harley bug! Here Laura and "Krashin'" Kelly Coleman from Illinois look at Laura's new book about James Dean. Have you bought your copy yet, fans? Copies from the first printing are still available.

Kelly's dad had been bringing her to Fairmount since she was a little girl. Today she came under her own power. See a page of pics of Kelly by clicking on this sign: logo

Lantz and Laury

Lantz and Laury came from Fishers. Lantz is also on Otto's James Dean gravesite page, from February 1997. Laura is the Christina Applegate lookalike in the photo with Kenneth Kendall at the BBQ.

Father and son

What a find! Here's a great, good-natured father and son who always wanted to get here. This was their first time at the Gallery. In my tradition of trying to pair people off, I offer this delightful man to the Dean world. He's Gary Hurst, and his son is Luke. He didn't tell me his home town, so just keep an eye out for this major Dean afficianado. He said he'll join the fan club, so maybe we will read about him in the WRDI newsletter.

M. Rigg's Grandson

This mysterious man stopped by Mark Kinnaman's table outside the Gallery. He remarked that his grandmother, Mary Riggs, had transported James Dean to his mother's funeral that day in 1949. She also baby-sat for James on occasion.


Ok, he said he's known as Santa Claus, and then the BBQ-fireworks crowd swirled around us and I never learned his real name. His wife is Carol, and I'll add their photo to the banquet page. Destined to remain anonymous, Santa lives in Illinois. Probably one of the original members of WRDI.

I try to tell kids, when they are down and depressed, to find some hobby you can feel passionate about. Dean fans can always find solace in our Deanabilia. Several fans brought their Dean scrapbooks to our tribal gathering. Some of them would have to buy an extra seat on the airplane for their huge scrapbooks.

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