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Fresh Art at the James Dean Gallery

Kendall art

This picture is in black and white, but I don't want to make it copy-able. This is the latest gift, maybe a loan, to David Loehr from Kenneth Kendall, a beautiful charcoal(?) of two views of Jimmy. In addition, Kenneth has let the gallery have the original of his first Dean Christmas card, the same card David sent us this winter from the Gallery. I'll ask permission to put that on this page.

Small portraits

You may have seen these porcelain miniatures before, but not this clearly. I love the wonderful collection of James Dean miniatures that Kenneth Kendall has painted over the years. I think they start at around $400.00, if any were to be for sale by Kenneth. I used to lust after these ovals, but I settled for buying a Kendall sandcast bronze belt buckle, which I love. I'm proud of it.

Closeup of Oval   Here's a close-up of another porcelain portrait. Kenneth said they are hard to make, because so much can go wrong, and there is no margin for error.

Other Art in the Gallery

Here are some fresh looks at J.D. that caught Otto's eye over fan weekend.

Fan art

Work done by a fan, on display in the Adeline Nall room.

Dean ornaments

These two center figures are both hangable Christmas ornaments. Why wait until Christmas, eh? Fan-made.

Chesterfield art

Love this interpretation (by Chesterfield??) on the wall in the gift shop. For sale. Ask David Loehr.

ripped shirt

Maybe a summertime companion piece for the famous "Torn Sweater" photos? Advertising art, I think. Otto regrets the reflection off the glass.

Another Jimmy

Reminiscent of the style of Robert Brown out in California, this interpretation exudes strength and the determination to succeed that characterized James Dean.

Another JD

Another all-time favorite view of Dean, on display in the largest Gallery room, this reminds me of what Jimmy might have looked like when he got older.

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