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Fans at 1998's Annual Frog Island Music Festival

two friends

One of these may be Isis Malofy. They are welcome to send me their names, because I remember they have email.

welcome sign

Dad and son

Caption Contest


I like to play with captions for this photo. Make up your own and send it in. I'll post the ones I don't lose.

Mardi Gras beads    Note the Mardi Gras beads on these Friday night revelers, Phil and Diana from Ypsilanti. Friendly and fun to be around.

Del and friends

Del Villarreal on the right was the M.C. for Saturday afternoon's "Rockin' Roots BarBeQue". He's with two of Detroit's finest rockabilly fans.

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Otto concentrates on the photos and implores you to send in your comments about the bands. You are all welcome to send reviews by email to Sandra Weinhardt, or U.S. postal mail to 125 South Marion, Suite 101, Bluffton IN 46714.

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