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Fans at 1998's Annual Frog Island Music Festival

This page is a special request from Shannon and Frankie. I was taking pictures of them when I was overcome by the heat and unable to continue covering the Frog Island Festival very well. Some people helped me to the water tent and rehydrated me but I was sick for a long time afterward. Watch out for the heat.

2 dancers

See, plenty of people frolicked in the hot sun. Loads of them. Seas of people.

Lucy tattoo      Lucy tattoo by Jason Minauro who is now in Florida. This rockabilly kitten has amazingly perfect tattoos. Call her Frankie but I think she is Beverly Green of Ypsilanti. (Maybe!) She and her friend Shannon are loyal music supporters in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.

Sarong tattoo

More tattoos      We can almost see Frankie here. When I went to get my notes so I could get the names, that was when I was overcome. So I never got their faces for this page. I believe this tattoo was done by Little Vinny Tattoo in D.C. or by the Reverend Matt Rinks....

Shannon's Shoes     Shannon's shoes. Let's blame them for my heat problem. When I saw these great shoes, I had to take pictures, and one led to more, out in the sunshine.

Vince Neal signature      Here's Shannon Collin's autograph by Vince Neal, an important music star Otto doesn't know. Shannon had it tattooed into her leg by Scott Shultz of Eternal Tattoo in Detroit.. Oww.

Otto's editor

And here I am, Otto's sole mainstay, just before I lost my wits in the sun. Obviously I was too flakey to wear my hat, and I suspect my sunblock added to the heat buildup. So use me as a bad example; beware of the sun. My thanks to all who helped me. It's been three weeks now and I am still dizzy and seasick like I was there. I promise not to say any more about the heat.

arm tattoo    Here's Johnny Rebel's arm as seen from the crowd. He's in the Twistin' Tarantulas.

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