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Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, Tracy Nelson

Three Blues Divas Delight Us

These pictures are not nearly good enough. They aren't doing justice to these three stars. But I do thank the people who made space for me to reach the edge of the stage. The women sang last on the New Orleans Night lineup. This was one huge crowd!

You wouldn't have believed the way the bugs homed in on the lights over the performers' heads. Tracy noted that the bugs were all falling into her drink, getting more than she was getting. As the trio sang on, bugs divebombed their eyes, noses and mouths. Miniature hecklers?

Irma Thomas *Irma Thomas *

Marcia Ball * Marcia Ball *

Tracy Nelson

And their wonderful band

Guitar player *

Drummer *

Guitar too *

keyboard *

musician *

musician *

Buy the CD!

Be sure to seek out and buy their CD, named "Sing It" that these stars have just put out together. It has a four star rating from Pulse magazine.

Thanks to Saundra Gaar for finding this CD on the web for us.

And lo! We heard from Mike Dysinger at CMD media who has pages for us to see! Visit Tracy Nelson at Tracy Nelson's official page
and Marcia Ball at the official Marcia Ball page. Thanks for writing, Mike. He's even going to send the names of the band members, which I couldn't get at Frog Island. Why not send in your reviews, opinions or praise for the bands at Frog Island? I obviously am not informed enough to talk about them.... so you are most welcome to email me. Tell me if I can include your name and email address with your comments.

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Or you could go see my pages for my bayou-based Louisiana nephew's band, Acid Bath. It's way different from anything you heard at Frog Island and will probably offend 99% of all people with ears. "He's the baby, gotta love him!"

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