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Touched by a Legend: Marfa's Living Legacy, Part Three

by Magdalin Leonardo

Here are even more pictures of the pictures in Ofelia and Lucie's collections.

4 dean shots

Dean's card!

Dean by car

Dean with lasso

Leather scrapbook cover

Dean with 2 men

Dean signature

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  1. Overview: Where the heck is Marfa?
  2. Getting There
  3. The Arcón Inn
  4. Part one, Reata Ruins
  5. Part two, The Ruins of Reata
  6. Little Reata
  7. El Paisano Hotel
  8. Borunda’s Bar and Grill
  9. Faces and Places, Part One
  10. Part Two of Faces and Places
  11. Part Three of Faces and Places
  12. “Jimmy Beans”
  13. Part One, Reata Restaurant, Alpine
  14. Reata Restaurant, Alpine, Part Two
  15. About the Author

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