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Gossip About Bands Appearing Around Northeast Indiana

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Music Writer Kenny Love contributes to Tell-Mama

A very kind writer, Kenny Love, has offered us some excellent essays about promoting your music. When you go to this link, you can read his articles. We are very grateful that he found Tell-Mama! The essays on the Kenny Love page are
1. Pay to Play? Who, Me?
2. A Thin Line Between Pro and Show
3. Keeping Your Nose Clean (Legally & Otherwise)
4. Payola, Crayola

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Rumor has it that Tom Tobey has a band now! I wanna hear it! Let me know what you know.

Tell-Mama editor Sandra Weinhardt is still not driving, and not staying awake much past 10 p.m. This plays heck with her music life, eh? No one knows the cause or the cure. New music reporter Ginny H. will take some of the pressure off Sandra, thank heavens.

Wade Lijewski is out of the Deans and into 8Ball Grifters, in Michigan. Rockin' Rudy Varner is out of his former band in Detroit and now in Starlight Drifters. Hank from the Swing Rays has, incredibly, moved to Texas. Life won't be at all the same without him. Dart Davis of Destination Detox reports that his band has a new lead singer. Trooper moved away. Oh yes, and although Matt Schafer went back to college, Red Ball Jets continue with a fine new doghouse bass player, Greg Dostal. Jon Hartman, though busy with his other band, Fat Ass, does the booking for Red Ball Jets. And the Blue Moon Boys will play the second annual BBQ Ribfest, Ribfest99, on Sunday August 1, I think..... The Blue Moon Boys are tight with Tom Petty now, winning a contest in which bands played covers of Petty songs. They will open for him sometimes! Very very exciting!!!

Learn how Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent came to be at this totally entertaining site of Jef Jasun's. This is a fascinating story. Got Gene Vincent in it 'n' everthang.

Contents of this page:
Kinda new stuff
Publicize your band, many ways. (a new website, a huge contest, WhatzUp?,, BOPLICITY, etc.)
Need just the phone numbers and locations?
Gossip, sidenotes and chitchat.
Links Out
Email us
Gigs for these bands are sometimes noted on the gigs page.
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Keith Brewer

Tell-Mama is accepting submissions for a possible tribute page for Keith Brewer of the Blue Moon Boys and Mean-Eyed Cat. Keith lost his battle with cancer in December of 1998. He will always be missed and always remembered. The whole community extends sympathy to his wife Fran and his daughter.


From: (melissa withem)
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 01:27:29 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Booking Shows
Content-Disposition: Inline

I will be booking shows in a convienent area soon. Somewhere between Memphis and New Orleans. So If you know bands that need the cut-up stop between the two place we need the bands! Have 'em email me.Thanx.

P.S. Keep up the good work!

More Ways to publicize

Huge Contest, first year for bands

Ok, Indiana isn't in this region, but our geographic area must have this contest too. Where?? When? Let me know and I will publicize it!!!!

Are You Ready For Hollywood?
The Question Is... Is Hollywood Ready For You?
The 1999 World Championships of Performing Arts
has built The Stage to help you prove it!
My name is Sondra Mayon, Louisiana native and 5 state territorial director for qualifying top performers to the only "olympic" style global competition for performing artists. My job is to build "TEAM USA" delegates from Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama to represent the USA against 40 other countries in Los Angeles, CA on August 15 - 22, 1999 in the Events of:

I was appointed to this position because for the past two years I have brought over 80 outstanding performing artist to The World Championships, all of which have come from Louisiana, and have returned with a total of 14 Overall World Titles in the two years combined. This will be the first year for BANDS competition, and I know undoubtably that the South has some of the BEST entertainers, musicians and bands anywhere in the US.

Performers are judged by the industry affiliates such as A&R from record labels, producers, agents, directors, etc. These people are looking for their next "Super Star". There is also an Industry Trade Show to network yourself with these folks and an Interview session where you meet and talk with the industry affiliates one on one. Preliminaries, semi-finals and final evaluation rounds occur during this spectacular week with the top 3 winners in each event going on to a televised Grand Finals on Aug.21,1999 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

After the 1999 World Championships Competition performers will have to qualify for this opportunity through a USA NATIONAL competition (like figure skating) held in mid-June 2000 in order to compete on a World level in Hollywood. So, this is the last year that you can go directly to the WORLD LEVEL through a director like myself.

If you or someone you know has an awesome talent in the areas of BANDS, VOCALS, ACTING, COMEDY, MODELING AND DANCE, please act now because time is running out for you to become a delegate of "TEAM USA" at the 1999 World Championships of Performing Arts. For details on this chance of a lifetime to display your talents to the music and entertainment industry, feel free to call me at 800-386-1427 or 225-673-4221, if you are local to my area code.
If you leave a message,I will return your call!

You may also please check out these links on my site first before you call for information. With a global event of this size there is so much to absorb!

Thank you for your interest,
Sondra Mayon, email
Southest US Territorial Director
The World Championships of Performing Arts

Date: Sat, 1 May 1999
From: Shelagh Nerney
Subject: promotion opportunity

I represent a new website focusing on writers looking to be published for the first time. We expect to launch in a few weeks (in May 99) and will be offering prizes during our ‘lift-off’ period of 4 weeks.

What we would like to know is if would be interested in listing one or more of your new releases on our site for prizewinners to choose from? We are interested in promoting in this way only musicians who are bringing out their first recording. The reason for this is that we want to encourage your first-time published musicians the way we will be encouraging not yet published writers. We feel the two groups share a natural affinity.

Your title(s) plus a description of the music would be listed for free on our prize list for as long as you want. In exchange you would need to provide the CD free of charge to any prizewinner who selected your CD from our CD prize list.

We are hoping you are interested in this promotional opportunity which links writers and musicians struggling for recognition. If you are interested, please let us know and we can discuss things further (including providing you with more details of our site which, of course, you will be able to visit once we launch)

Shelagh Nerney

Another Way To Publicize Your Band

Here is an email I just received. Please contact this organization if you want a free webpage for your band! If I have made a page for your band, you could use that page on their site with my blessing. Mirror it or change it.... anything that will help make you famous. (Keep my credit and link on it though!) (-- ye editor, Sandra Weinhardt)

Dear Editor,

We are, the industry's first totally interactive college entertainment network. As of August 1st, we will be promoted at over two thousand college and university campuses across the nation, including college radio stations. We feel your record label's content is important to users and we would like to host your web site free of charge - name).

Your participation in will provide you with an additional promotion to an audience of several millions. By doing this, you will increase your visibility tremendously at no cost whatsoever. Please get back to us regarding this opportunity.

Thank you.
Andrew Fischel
New Music, No Attitude.

Kelly Jay's Webring

Did you know Kelly Jay has a webring just for swing band webpages? It's no longer for central Indiana bands' pages. But maybe we could have a northeastern Indiana band ring for our area of the country. Does anyone want to volunteer to start it? Maybe WhatzUp? would have the skills.

Need links out?

Bop Band Gallery

Another way to publcize your band

You know our dear friend Rosie in New Orleans is working on a way for you to publicize your band. She has a site where you can put up a photo gallery. (Don't skip me though.) Visit her Bop Bands Gallery and find out all about it! Be sure to see her explanation of it at Rockabilly BOPLICITY. Rosie is a tireless powerhouse of Rockabilly devotion.

Whatz-Up? Has An On-line Presence!!!

Halleluia! What-Up? has begun an on-line service for you!! What a load off my mind. Visit their ezine at and tell them Tell Mama sent you. Oh joyous day! Just don't forget Otto altogether (grin). Oh crumbcakes. It isn't doing gig listings yet. Guess you are stuck with me for on-line gig lists but WhatzUp has the print version once a week. It is 99% more up-to-date than this page.

WhatzUp on-line is browser-specific and it has blinkies, but other than that it is all I had hoped for. You can't subscribe to the page without an add-on, so far. Remember to hit your escape button to try to stop the annoying moving gifs. It has cool mouseovers. Visually clean and stunning.

Sidenote: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy came to Pierre's on Thursday July 23 1998 and were lucky enough to get the Blue Moon Boys to open for them! Welcome, BBVD, and way to go, BMB!!! "Our" Blue Moon Boys were the Patio Band for the Spice Girls concert at Deer Creek! Now, in 1999, BMB is opening for Tom Petty, rumor has it.

Sidenote: Chad Beck's new band, Jackie Fly, debuted on August 4, 1998 at Columbia Street West, at M.O.M.S. Tuesday night show. Everybody loved the Fly; nobody swatted it. They are now pupating again, to burst forth in full glory this fall. (Yeah, I know, but I won't use the word maggot.)

Jackie Fly played M.O.M.S. again on May 4, 1999!

Sidenote: Chad Beck at Pierre's   Chad Beck of the late, great Senator Dillwilly is only the Best Writer on music in the entire state of Indiana, or at least one of the three best.... I am in awe of him. He was the first local celebrity I met when I started writing about (though mostly photographing) local bands in Fort Wayne. See Chad's employer, the Dash-In.

Sidenote: The Blue Moon Boys were voted Best of '98 (also '97) - Best Live Local Act by WhatzUp?, the happening tabloid of happenings for northeastern Indiana, northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan. Yes, you can still see them up close and personal locally, once in a blue moon, but they play all over the eastern half of the US now.

Sidenote: Have you read the newsy, long article that the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel has posted about the Blue Moon Boys??? They were also on page one of that newspaper on July 14, 1998 although the headline referred to our Red Ball Jets.... go figure!

Sidenote: Kiddies, also be sure to check Ron and Sue Woods' Retro Living, for interesting shows in Ohio. They come all the way to our shows here in Indiana. That means we can get to Ohio from here! They walk the walk. Respect 'em!
I wonder if they have discovered the great Cowslingers from Cleveland??

Sidenote: One northeastern Indiana band you want to follow is the C/W favorite Flatland Posse from Bluffton, Indiana. Local police officer Mike Gerwig writes about this band which includes his police officer son-in-law, Dennis Fiscus. They open for the biggest names in C/W.
They are playing a benefit for Lydia Murray who needs a liver

Sidenote: Many thanks to Hepcat Records for all the work they do to keep our musicand our bands alive. Visit the Hepcat Records Web Site!

Keep on shakin' the shack; keep on rollin' the rock. "But don't thank me, thank Eddie and Gene."

Some phone numbers:

Where These Places Are

Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis is on Fountain Square, down at Virginia and Prospect. It is a nice safe neighborhood with plenty of parking. There's a lot to do, with retro antique stores in the theatre itself and all around it. Great vintage clothing too. Bookstores. Food. Come early and spend the day at Fountain Square. The theatre has bowling and a full-menu diner right in it! Welcome to the Fountain Square Family. (Otto made that up; it's a partner to The Gallery Gang.

Phone at Fountain Square is 317-686-6010 and David Loehr is at 765-948-3326.

Here's a map for Key Palace in Redkey Indiana, telephone 1-800-369-0075:

Map to Key Palace

You can eat in Key Palace now!!!

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