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Bud Deihl, home for the holidays, sends these digital images of the Dutch Mill disaster

Bud Deihl had just received a digital camera at Christmas time as he was home visiting his parents, Max and Louise Deihl.

Bud wrote "The Dutch Mill was special to me because I started working there when I was 14 years old. I was there when the drive-in opened and other rooms were added and I unfortunately saw it burn."

View from south

Taken from the parking lot of the Pizza King, across the river from the Dutch Mill. Bud is facing north here.

Mill Entry

The main entrance to the Dutch Mill, viewed facing west.

facing south

Here is the drive-in canopy and the entrance to the '50s diner. You are seeing a view to the south. This canopy was the last part dismantled during the tear-down.

all gone

Here is the south end of the parking lot, hardly recognizable. This picture shows the desolation, and the desolation we all feel in our hearts at the loss of this great memory-enshrouded establishment.

March 20th: Today the highway department is building an extra-strong barrier where the entrance to the Mill used to be. The Mill had served as a stop for semis out of control on Highway 124. Now there has to be a different barrier. There are yellow surveyor flags fluttering in the cold wind, which hint of future changes in the property.


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