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In Search of a Legend in New York
Photos by Magdalin Leonardo

All photos ęcopyright 1997 Magdalin Leonardo, all rights reserved. All New York Walk captions by Magdalin Leonardo, email

Note from Sandra: These are thumbnails of the larger pictures.  Click on each picture you want to view.

Jim, Adam, DonEating pretzels

Donnie's Little Prince tattooLittle Prince

Brian ClarkBrian Clark

Brent Stavig, Lisa BlaneyBrent Stavig, Lisa Blaney

Dean tattooChris Matthews' tattoo

Lara Kaloustian, Debra McCulloughLara Kaloustian, Debra McCullough

Plaza flagsSpecial Flag

In case you landed on this page by quirk, Magdalin's coverage of David Loehr's James Dean Walking Tour of New York City is available on this site.

Also read about Magdalin's upcoming book!

Many major thanks to Magdalin Leonardo for this pictorial coverage of a great event. Plan to go on this tour in 1999, Deaners, and I hope to see you there!

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