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This page is meant to inspire you to make your own songs list.

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  6. Favorite Artists with many hits, not necessarily included above
If some song's naught Scottish to you, it's still Scottish to me. (Hey Mikey.)


I was feeling sort of crabbity and out of sorts. Bad things had happened to some of my friends.

From a distance I thought I heard a voice call. I listened.... It sounded like Bob Seger singing **someday lady, you'll accomp'ny me.**

Then I knew I was suffering from a music deficit. I remembered an old file I had made way back in February of 1995 B.I. (Before -{i discovered the} - Internet). It listed many of my favorite albums and singers. When I got the Internet, I could only play CDs on my computer, so I missed all my old favorites, the songs that about make me run off the road when I'm driving. So here they are, brought to you by the magic of bits of bytes, and I will have a ball adding links on this page over the next few months. This page is pure nostalgia.

If I am ever an old lady in a nursing home, (perish the thought) and I hear any of these songs, I will be out on the floor dancing before the first chorus. I had thought maybe people would think "ewwwww, I won't read her stuff any more. I don't like her music." Then I thought so be it. Let's rock.

I'm listing the performer I'm familiar with, with the song title. Any details you would like to contribute, I will cheerfully add.


Top Ten


Top 20 (second Ten)


My A List


My B List


My C List


Favorite Artists

Little Richard Elton John REO Speedwagon Rolling Stones

Sparks, including "Cool Places"

And **Stevie Nicks** Imperial Hotel, Talk To Me, Leather and Lace, etc.
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And then the list just stopped. I don't see any changes I'd make, now that 25 months have passed, in March '97.. Oh, I'd add in Graceland and Hootie, Three Blue Teardrops, and some contemporary songs, but I still like my old list.
And absolutely I'd add Letta Mbulu doing Sacred Drum and Music Man (not the Broadway show Music Man.) And **Stevie Nicks** Imperial Hotel, to the second Top Ten.
And Jimmy Buffett's whole album of Son of a Son of a Sailor
And The Proclaimer's I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Please get inspired to make your own song list! Rock on.

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