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Bands Appearing Around Northeast Indiana

Upcoming Band Appearances

Here are some 1999 Gigs that you all have written to tell me about! Remember to check your local media or phone ahead, as band schedules are sometimes rearranged at the last minute.



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Need just the phone numbers and locations?
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You should be told that the bands Tell-Mama writes about are mostly bands we have seen in person, or want to. There would never be time to write about all the bands from, or passing through, this area! If you live around here, you absolutely need WhatzUp?, the fantastic weekly guide for arts, entertainment and leisure for Northeastern Indiana. It's free. Pick it up most places you go, including the places on the phone list below.

These lineups are subject to change because they are booked very far ahead and things always change with bands.

Send me your news or schedules to add here, especially for Northeastern Indiana, or if I know your band from the Rockabilly Rebel Weekends, okay?
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Some phone numbers:

  • Fountain Square (317) 686-6010 (see directions below)
  • House of Jazz & Blues (219) 422-5292
  • Columbia Street West (219) 422-5055
  • The Sportsman (219) 423-9503
  • The Hot Spot (219) 456-5439
  • Legends Sports Bar (Ft. Wayne) (219) 484-2525
  • Dash-In (219) 423-3595
  • Henry's (219) 426-0531
  • Pierre's (219) 486-1979
  • Key Palace, Redkey 1-800-369-0075 (see map below)

Where These Places Are

Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis is on Fountain Square, down at Virginia and Prospect. It is a nice safe neighborhood with plenty of parking. There's a lot to do, with retro antique stores in the theatre itself and all around it. Great vintage clothing too. Bookstores. Food. Come early and spend the day at Fountain Square. The theatre has bowling and a full-menu diner right in it! Welcome to the Fountain Square Family. (Otto made that up; it's a partner to The Gallery Gang.

Phone at Fountain Square is 317-686-6010 and David Loehr is at 765-948-3326.

Here's a map for Key Palace in Redkey Indiana, telephone 1-800-369-0075:

Map to Key Palace

Two people sent news of restaurants in Redkey!!! Here they are: Richard E. Buckner said Richard E. Buckner:
There is a very large and really nice place in Redkey caled Yesteryears Inn. Great food. It has a great buffet on Friday and Saturday Nights. It is open from Tuesday thru Saturday I believe.

And this from "mgreen" Actually there are three restaurants in the Key:
1.    Papa DaVino Pizza & Subs 2.   Yester Year Inn (Buffet), and 3.   Opening real soon, KEY PALACE'S OWN BLUES GRUB,

Well, I suspect that this mgreene is the very artist whose work we will get to see!!! Thanks, Mr. Greene! That will be a sight to see, and I can't wait. Can you send me a little preview photo to post here??? I still never have made it to Redkey. Last time I had tickets, my aunt died instead.

Back up to the Gigs listings.

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(Sandra's old message) It's obvious that I can't keep this gig page up-to-date all by my lonesome. I will post what I can, and also the schedules bands send me, but we should rely on WhatzUp? magazine every week. There have been a lot of cancellations due to illness, etc. lately, so remember flu season is coming: have a plan B. If you are coming to Fort Wayne from elsewhere, WhatzUp? is a free weekly entertainment guide available each Wednesday. Look for a copy wherever there is entertainment, or at some record shops and restaurants and filling stations. It's terrific. I'll try to get news on this page too.

Also note the new easy way to find Tell-Mama's music index: the Rockabilly/Roots Chronicle has a new name, Tell-Mama which is simply
We have to use the hyphen between "tell" and "mama" because some Kentucky dude beat me to the name without the hyphen.

Keep on shakin' the shack; keep on rollin' the rock. "But don't thank me, thank Eddie and Gene."

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