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Bigger Than Elvis opened for Ronnie Dawson

For some reason, we couldn't get there in time to see B.J. Rogers and the Recording Kings, or most of Bigger Than Elvis. Here are a few pictures we were able to get at the last minute. There was no shuttle bus the night of this grand opening. The fun bus was just for RRW6. The bus had wild upholstery and a great sound system. You should try it for your next event! Call Bill Levin, the CEO for Broad Ripple Coach Lines at (317) 923-4910, or email him at >317-923-4910

on the bus

Their own photo

Want to book this delightful band for your event? Contact Danny at Bigger Than Elvis.

Here's the lineup, right from Danny's email:

The Guitarist is - Thom Woodard
The Drummer is - Mark Cutsinger
The Bassist is - David " Tufty " Clough
And The Singer/guitarist - Danny Thompson


band on stage




Thom again




Danny and Tufty

Danny the star is on the left. Tufty, on the right, has a boutique in Broad Ripple where you can buy your Gripfast boots and other trendy gear. The boutique's called Future Shock. It has a website but it just wastes time, so far (August 4.) Hope they get it going.


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