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Everybody was cute. Everybody had fun.

There are two pages to this topic. The second page has twelve more photos. (The typo is fixed. The page was there all along.)

Keith and

He's a dedicated Rockabilly named Keith. She is ----- who? Anyway, this was a very happy moment in the weekend.


Tony, Sara and Tony and his wife Sara O'Bryan from Missouri with the bass player for their band, Caroline and the Cowtown Playboys. See Tony in some of the jam session pictures. See Tony's great article on RRW 5. He may not have time to write about RRW6, but let's all ask him to try.




Damon and  from Detroit


and jim and donnie


Josh and who

Del and his wife Shannon
Our afterhours D.J., Del Villarreal and a friend, not Shannon as I had thought. Sorry, but thanks go to Tracy Gray for finding my error.
Del Villarreal and friends
Del with more Michigan kittens, Becky and Kim.


Western wear


Tracey and Steven Pane

Tracey with "our" Stephen Payne from across the pond. Thanks to Magdalin Leonardo for telling me how to spell this name! And it turns out it's my family name too, only one of my ancestors got adopted and it was chaged from Payne.

Now see twelve more snapshots on page 2 of "cats in jeans with beauty queens."

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