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Clints Butcher Shop

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There's only one Clint in the Rockabilly orbit around Indiana. There's only one place to get the ultimate 50s or greaser or real Cat haircut. Clint's Butcher Shop rules.

Clint Is In

Clint is in;
Clint's is really In
. *

Clint at work

Lat one night, when this was taken, Clint was cutting Tim's hair almost in a closet. Linton's going to make this space into a coatroom; he'll move the Butcher Shop to larger quarters. Nevertheless, you will be able to find Clint in the Fountain Square building whenever you need a great style.


Clint *


Tools of the trade - surprise!


Before Clint *

Notice: Mark Kinnaman bought the last tin of a hair pomade Clint had. The printing on it is all in French. It is the only wax that's worked for Mark. No one knows where to get more. Does anyone reading this have that product, in a tin like Shinola?? Would it be from Quebec, do you think? Please email if you have any ideas.

Heh, made this whole page without once saying "tonsorial parlor," though I was sorely tempted.

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