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The Legendary Mac Curtis

Keep on Rollin' the Rock, Mac! Sorry I didn't get to meet you at the afterhours party. I should have been more alert. Apologies and hugs, with promises to do better next time.

You can see the photos from the show here, as well as extensive Mac Curtis Links after the photos. But if you landed here by mistake, here are the links out.

mac smiles


Mac at mic


Mac plays


Mac on stage

Mac's fill-in guitar player is Matt Robbins of King Memphis. Sorry I had that information wrong on here before. Many thanks to Matt's wife for letting me know, and so kindly too! I needed that.




Chris Day

Kris Day backs Mac and is also in King Memphis.




Order Mac Curis CDs from Hepcat Records Contact Hepcat at their website.

      1. Mac Curtis
        Rockabilly Uprising: The Best of Mac Curtis (HMG) HMG 6601      Wild recordings from his years with the infamous "Rollin Rock" Record Company. Produced by Ronnie Weiser. 19 tracks.
        CD $ 15.00 (HMG) HMG 6601
       or as an album, for $10.00, (HMG) HT 6601

     2. Mac Curtis & The Rimshots
      Rockabilly Ready (Vinyl Japan) JRCD 31 Texas Rockabilly veteran Mac Curtis teams up with the Welsh Rockabilly band The Rimshots. Features: "The Love Doctor", "Miss Linda's Still Fine", "Keep On Rockin'", "Frantic", and twelve others.
      CD $ 15.00 JRCD 31

See Mac Curtis in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame!

Morrissey ranks Mac Curtis's "Blue Jean Heart" among his top twenty favourite songs.

Our wonderful Tapio Vaisanen in Finland has made a discography for Mac Curtis.
Tapio is one of the most active people on the Rockabilly Mailing List.

Matt Weitz writes in the Texas Observer
"Also worthy of note this year was the re-issuing of the work of two essential figures from Dallas' early rockabilly days at the Sportatorium, both on cat-music madman Rockin' Ronnie Weiser's Las Vegas-based Rolling Rock Records: Mac Curtis (Rockabilly Uprising) and Johnny Carroll (Texabilly), who remain local legends to this day."

Found some nice comments on Ronnie Weisser on a food page!

Also noted in Country Grrl Cheryl Cline's Twangin' music magazine:
Hightone Records
A cool label from "the town south of Berkeley." Dave Alvin, Big Sandy & His Fly-Right Boys, Chris Gaffney, Buddy Miller, Julie Miller, Bill Kirchen, Rosie Flores, Tom Russell, and others. Hightone also releases a line of blues records under its Testament imprint, and, through its HMG imprint, has begun to reissue a series of albums featuring the best of the rockabilly indie label Rollin' Rock, including anthologies and full-length CDs by Mac Curtis, Johnny Carroll, Ray Campi and others.

Didja know that Deke Dickerson writes for Twangin'? Cool!

Do NOT miss Matt Weitz's review in the Dallas Observer on-line archives: Texabilly, with this comment at the end: "Mac Curtis' tribute at the disc's end -- "Johnny Carroll Rock" -- is heartfelt yet dignified, sentimental but not pandering. Tributes that reflect so well on those who issue them are usually hatefully self-referential, but only love comes through Texabilly."
Also on that same page, a nice review of

Kim Lenz and Her Jaguars
45 rpm record, on Wormtone Records produced by Deke Dickerson.

In a 1979 review of the Cramps, (I think it's written by Nick Kemp,) you can read a great rant on Rockabilly which includes these thoughts:
"Coined in the late '50s, most records made when that particular word [Rockabilly ]was in vogue were nothing more nor less than half-baked attempts by mediocre country swing acts to inject a little urgency, a little relatively sedate 'pep', into their music to cash in on the sudden commercial viability of rock 'n' roll.

The 'real deal' as such was puveyed by the likes of Billy Lee Riley ('Red Hot' and "Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll' are 14-carat masterpieces of the genre), Jack Scott ('The Way I Walk' is his most renowned work, another exquisite example of the rockabilly spirit) and Johnny Burnette ('Honey Hush', 'Lonesome Train', 'Train Kept A-Rollin') and Mac Curtis .

These four, anyway, are certainly, the most famous bonafide acts plugging away at the godforsaken precincts of this crazed style."

Otto loves quotes like this because they get everyone arguing! That's why we have Bob Timmer's Rockabilly Hall of Fame, so each of our favourites can have a tribute there.

In the U.K. a huge listing of psychobilly records available It includes "Rollin' Rock got the Sock" featuring Mac Curtis, Johnny Legend, Ray Campi, Jackie Lee Cochran, Charlie Feathers, Revenna and the Magnetics and more. (I had always thought it was "Got The Sock")
As this is a student's page, it may disappear at any time, so go there soon.

Thus endeth my latest links for Mac Curtis; all honor be to him.

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