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Those Legendary Shack Shakers at RRW #6

J.D. Wilks

J.D. Wilkes, the leader of the band, he of the harmonica and the voice, the guitar and the nerves of steel. J.D.

Want more harmonica? Order the CD Yazoo 2019, Harmonica Masters, covering the whole spectrum from early blues, backwoods country, jazz and ragtime. Gwen Foster does Wilkes County Blues. Hear Six Cylinder Smith, Dr. Humphrey Bates' Possum Hunters, the Parker Boys, The Murphy Brothers Harp Band and many more.


Dhris Detloff with Our own Rocko of Louisville.



J.D.'s tie

Remember, J.D. collects these string ties, in case you want to send him one.


Let me rush this to press and fill in the captions pretty soon, please.

New shoes




Brian sings *

J.D. pestering


Chris Detloff

"You'll put your eye out with that thing!!" He must have heard that a lot as a kid.




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