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Who made RRW6 run smoothly?

Here are some of the people who helped make the weekender a success, with apologies to whomever I missed.


David Loehr on left

Our host, David Loehr on the left, was happier this year, because everything went very well.


diner staff


more diner staff



server in vintage dress!

I'm 99% sure I can add her name soon.



We are all relieved that Don is on the road with Wayne Hancock for 11 months. We know Wayne will be in good hands because Don is great at improvising his way through any situation. We miss him, though.


DJ Bill Baker

Bill Baker DJed the grand opening night when Ronnie Dawson played. He was a fountain of knowledge and put on a great show.


Oregon photographer This Oregon photographer was travelling the US when he stopped for our special Weekender. Good choice! He's Joe Guest, email (He gave me this address but it doesn't work.) In this picture we were back at the James Dean Memorial Gallery in Lenny Prussack's store, Rebel Rebel.

Mark Kinnaman said he found Joe's website with photos of this Rockabilly Rebel weekend. If he finds the URL again he will send it to us.


Greg and Greg and his friend Rob Ramble from St. Louis worked the doors and helped out in any way needed. I call this photo "follow your dream" because Rob has moved to San Francisco, something many imagine doing, but too few do. Rob just now emailed us, but I lost his address when my computer crashed. Please write again, Rob!


Lenny Prussack

You all know Lenny Prussack who makes the unbeatable 1950s shirts. He owns Rebel Rebel, the nostalgia store in the basement of the James Dean Memorial Gallery. Always has a smile for each of us. To know him is to love him.


DJ Joe Doto of NY

DJ Joe Doto of New York comes back every year. It wouldn't be RRW without Joe. We were grateful that the music was softer between sets so we could visit with friends old and new.


You can see Del Villareal on the various pages. Del dj'd the afterhours parties for us. That woman who took all these photographs is hidden on Big Sandy's page and maybe another page. She's very shy.

Lisa Bartels was making a Rockabilly documentary video, which is coming along. I will add the details here when I get them.

Linton and Fern who own Fountain square were too hard to catch on film this year. They were awfully busy.

Tell me who I missed.... Oh! The shuttle driver.... I'm trying to locate that photo. The shuttle bus company has its own website. I'm trying to locate his URL. Call Bill Levin, the CEO for Broad Ripple Coach Lines at (317) 923-4910, or email him at
See a photo of the bus on the Bigger Than Elvis page. Thanks for reading about these fine people, and thank them when you see them. The vendors, and Billy Poore.... guess I will need a second page for this, so stay tuned!! Clint The Barber has a page here too, and I need his phone number.

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