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The Twistin' Tarantulas at Frog Island Music Festival, 1998

Are you up for Toledo, Swing Babies?? Citi Swing Fest '98 features The Blue Moon Boys as well as Twistin' Tarantulas, Rocket 88, Big Rude Jake from Toronto, Detroit's Atomic Fireballs, the Swing Syndicate, the Mighty Meaty Swing Kings, the 2-5-1 Orchestra, and Wolfgang Parker.

DATE is Sunday, August 30th from noon to 11:00 p.m.; tickets now on sale for only $15.00 for all NINE bands. This is an ALL AGES SHOW!!!

It's outdoors at Centennial Terrace, but look it up on the venue's website at Citi Lounge. Their phone is 419-872-6437; phone at the venue is 419-882-1500. Bring proper ID for alcohol. NO carry in food/beverages/coolers allowed.

Johnny Rebel

Johnny Rebel

Brad on drums * Pete and John

Professor Brad on the drums. Pistol Pete (Midtgard) and John on the right. The Twistin' Tarantulas stick close to home in Detroit. They play at one nightspot almost every Sunday night. (Check your local paper.) But sometimes they stray: they came to Rockabilly Rebel Weekend in June of 1998
and will appear with the Blue Moon Boys in Toledo on Sunday August 30th with the Atomic Fireballs and many more at the Swing Fest.

You can catch them in the Fountain Room at Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis on Saturday night, August 1 with the trendy Chemo Kids from Cincy. The Chemo Kids are dedicated musicians too, very young, lots of fun.


John on guitar

The man in the background was a very hard working tech, on sound or lights. He was up there on that stage for every band, and heat rises, and it was all trapped where he stood. He was a hero to make it through the weekend.

The sound at Frog Island was superb. You could never ask for better people or better equipment. The company is

Aerial Enterprises Inc.
10106 Industrial Drive
Whitmore Lake, Michigan 48189
Phone (313) 231-2500
Complete audio service, sales and rentals

Brad drumming


Pete sings

Another photographer told me to get pictures of Pete sweaty and wild. Well, I have a lot of those from other shows; he plays full tilt every minute. I was trying to get Pete before that stage, but failed. Here's Pete playing the bass he obviously loves.


Pete at rest

It's most unusual to snap Pete with his eyes open on stage. He concentrates so hard.

Pete in action


Pete in motion * Pete plays


Pete plays


Order Their CD

Order the CD, Attack of the Twistin' Tarantulas, from Hepcat Records. The order number is TT001, $12.00, produced by Tarantula Records. I own this and could play it all day, every day. But the guys on it aren't the same as now, except for Pistol Pete. (On the CD you have Pistol Pete, Mighty Todd and Gorgeous George.) Still they sound as good or better. The songs on this great CD are
  1. Let's Go
  2. Greased Lightnin'
  3. White Trash Express
  4. Decision
  5. Alexandria
  6. Snake In The Grass
  7. Rebelina
  8. Blue Ball Blues
  9. Takin' You Down Tonight
  10. Ain't Got All Night
  11. Theme Song
  12. Ace of Spades

Call Hepcat at 1-800-404-4117 to order TT001, or go to the Hepcat website.

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They have their own webpage too. I couldn't find it, but a fan named Hope sent us the URL, for your reading pleasure. It has the band's schedule on it. Thanks, Hope!

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