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Norwell Alums,
and Lancaster Central too

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Southern Wells High School is on a separate page

Bluffton High School is on a separate page now too.

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Landscape They leave us, eager but a little afraid. It's a big world to have to find a niche in. This picture is from the museum of the works of Nicholas Roerich, an artist and writer who devoted his life to world peace. If we could only keep all our children safe, forever.

A Fledgling List of Norwell area Alums


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Lancaster High

Please note: Bluffton alumni news is on a separate page.

Southern Wells is on a separate page too.

'Cause I didn't grow up here, I am bound to make little mistakes on this page. IF someone reads it who knows better, they will surely tell me

I really do want additions and corrections.
This page is sort of an alumni letter. Every one of our "kids" is a credit to us. Wells County is a terrific place. Did you come here from our Nostalgia magazine?

How about a magic carpet ride back to Our Tentative Times?

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